The Journey Begins

Hello everyone! As you probably know, I’m preparing to leave for a semester abroad in Ostrava. I will share my journey on this page for all who want to follow along.

7 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Hey Becca! I hope you found your way across the world safely and without much hassle.? I can’t wait to start seeing your journey in stories and pictures you post. Take care of yourself!
    ~Cheryl S


  2. It has been so much fun spending time in Ostrava with you! Have a wonderful semester. You have selected an amazing part of the world to explore and live in for a few months.


  3. Hello All. Becca is settling into her stay here in Ostrava. It is a beautiful city and a wonderful culture. She is very busy and will be online as soon as her internet in her dorm is fixed.


  4. Hello Sister! Sounds like you are starting to settle in. Your Korean Family sounds adorable! I can totally picture you and Mom on the plane peaking over the seat and giggling as soon as the flight attendant hit the button. I appreciate your humor. Love you!


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